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What Success Means to Me

Posted on:January 1, 2021 at 10:40 PM

Success is a funny word.

It can drive someone completely insane or make them feel completely at peace.

If you asked five different people what they consider success to be, you would probably get five different answers.

I think that is a good thing though. I consider the meaning and pursuit of success to be an art form, unique to every single person on the planet.

I am willing to bet, that over the years your taste in any form of art (photography, illustration, music, movies, books, etc) has changed. I would also assume that you enjoy that these preferences have evolved over time.

This is what I consider growth to be.

If someone asked you what success meant to you when you were ten years old, chances are your answer would be far more simple than it would be today, but it does not have to be.

For the longest time, I tied success to a career, a job title, and how much money was in my bank account.

Personally, as I get older, I realize that success is broken into two categories.

These categories fluctuate and continually evolve but, I think that is good.

I think success can (and should) mean something different for everyone; however, I think it is a necessary indicator to be aware of because it encourages growth.

This does not mean growing a bank account or a business. Growth can be cleaning out your garage more frequently, or learning to say “I’m sorry” more often.

That is the beauty, growth is what you make it!

2021 has just begun, and I know many of us are excited to have a new start.

Regardless of what your personal definition of success is, I hope you find it this year.

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